NeLS - SEEK integration

NeLS can be integrated with SEEK to keep track of metadata.

To allow linking project in NeLS and in a SEEK instance (such as the public FAIRDOMHub) this has to be enabled by admins on both sides contact the ELIXIR-NO Helpdesk and an admin of your SEEK instance for this.

You can login to FAIRDOMHub with your FEIDE ID:

  1. Link your FEIDE-ID with the ELIXIR-AAI service once if you have not done this already (select "FEIDE" as your Institution/ID provider - Norwegian institutions are not listed individually)
  2. Login to FAIRDOMHub with ELIXIR-AAI

Read more on ELIXIR-AAI in the SEEK documentation.

After the integration is enabled you can:

  • Reference data in NeLS:StoreBioInfo from SEEK by using the "Add data from NeLS" button on an Assay in SEEK
  • Open data regisitered in SEEK in NeLS:StoreBioInfo by using the "Open in NeLs" button while viewing a data file in SEEK
  • Import Metadata stored in NeLS:StoreBioInfo along with your data to SEEK if it follows the same convention as your SEEK project by using the "Fetch sample metadata" button while viewing a data file in SEEK

More information can be found in the SEEK documentation